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Beautiful Disaster

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18. New York.

I’m going to be the person that falls while accepting their diploma.

I’m going to be the person that falls while accepting their diploma.

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Yesterday was so emotional for me. I never cry unless it’s related to books or movies, but I cried like a baby. Saying good bye to people I know I’ll never see again and realizing that me and my friends don’t have much time left before we all go our separate ways for college. Sure we can text, skype and hang out when we’re all home but it won’t be the same. I’m glad I made up with people who I really missed and I couldn’t be happier that she’s in my life again, I just wish it hadn’t taken a year and a half. I know who my true friends are and the ones that will forever be in my life forever, no matter the distance. Kayla, Janelle, Sarah, Meaghan, Meagan, Tyler, Sam, Brooke and Shannon; I don’t know where I would be without you guys. I love you to death ♥ 

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Last day of senior year!

Last day of senior year!

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More prom pictures!

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Prom was fun, but camping was much more fun. I love my friends. I love my drunk friends. I’m going to miss them.

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Dear Everyone that is saying 2012 will “be your year”,

Shut up because I can say there is a 99% chance you all said that about 2011 also.

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